Sensation Comics #34 Wonder Woman H. G. Peter DC Golden Age Comic.

Superhero Origins Wonder Woman

This comic is in GD- 1.8 condition with off-white pages and is unrestored. All orders, no matter what the price of the item, gets boutique professional packing treatment. Sensation comics #34 wonder woman h. g. peter dc golden age comic peter dc golden age comic is in sale since saturday, may 07, 2016.

Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Wonder Woman Statue 1/6 Yamato NEW IN BOX.

Wonder Woman Fantasy Figure Gallery statue Review Indonesian

Diana of Themyscira (from New Earth). Fantasy figure gallery dc comics wonder woman statue 1/6 yamato new in box standing tall and defiantly, armed with her lasso of truth, her golden tiara and indestructible bracelets, princess diana of themyscira reaches for her sword and makes her way amidst the rubble to once more face her foe!