Mec Electric Commercial Convection Oven, 10 Grid Restaurant Kitchen Catering

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An android system for wi-fi connection. Mec electric commercial convection oven, 10 grid restaurant kitchen catering touch screen control with 7 display with resolution 800×480, an android system for wifi connection for remote monitoring (from pc, tablet or smartphone) usb, diagnostics, high-performance three-phase motor, bi-directional reversing fan system (every 80 seconds), automatic pre-heating setting (1 tray-half load-full load trays), hold function (keep temperature after cooking at 70°).

Numatic Wv470 -2 Wet Or Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Blue 240v With Kit Aa12.

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Numatic wv470 -2 wet or dry commercial vacuum cleaner blue 240v with kit aa12 the accessory kit provides tools for both wet and dry operation with stainless steel tube sets as standard. This item is in the category Home, Furniture & DIY\Appliances\Ironing & Vacuuming\Vacuum Cleaners.